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JRFS Freight Management

"The Better Freight Manager"

Professional Management of the entire process, from your pick up through to your invoicing by our efficient & experienced staff, ensures the best solution and the best quality of service - at the right price!

Our transport knowledge and skills will save your business time and let you stretch your freight budget further whilst ensuring you gain the edge of competitiveness required in todays current market.

Our current tracking systems will keep you informed with regular and accurate reports and our dedicated customer service and operational staff will ensure the most urgent of deadlines are met with a minimum of fuss.  Our customer service is second to none and we take great pride in the fact that our staff are trained to be conversant with your requirements and needs - to be able to better serve you- The Customer!

The Independent Option

We can envisage your transport needs and ensure they are met - ON TIME - EVERY TIME! 

We trust this will give you a further insight into our services for when you next assess your transport requirements.

Just a little more personal.....